Why Mana tours are so famous?

Mana is considered the world’s most popular and successful Latin rock band. It has received a lot of accolades and has also received multi-platinum records as well as many Grammy Awards. It has worldwide fans and audience for their tours is from across the globe irrespective of any language barriers. Apart from releasing a new album in 2011, Mana tours are spread across different parts of the country and their dates are usually throughout the year. This year as well the group is covering 14 cities and their tour dates are spread across June and July, 2015.

Gaining tremendous popularity

Mana was formed in Guadalajara, Mexico and was initially named as Green Hat. Seeing that it was gaining tremendous popularity and the group’s talent, they decided to become bigger and changed their name to Sombrero Verde. They then released their debut album with German record label Ariola in 1981. They also released a sophomore set, A Tiempo de Rock in 1983 but these two were not very successful. The band was on the verge of dissolving but they decided to evolve to make it big.

They saw success when they recruited the very talented drummer, Alex Gonzalez who was already with Warner Music and eventually changed the name of the band to Mana. Their first album was under Warner Music, Falta Armor, way back in 1990. It was a great success and Latin American hit due to the singles like “Rayando el Sol”. Their tour dates became extremely sought after and were booked for 250 shows throughout the year across all parts of Latin America. Their got visibility and attention in 1996 with their new album Cuando los ÁngelesLloran. This was nominated for the Grammy and their international tour was spread across 270 shows across 17 countries. They became a sensation among the youth and the band was considered as an international Latin rock group.


Popularity of Mana in the United States

It became popular in the United States and its fame was multifold when the band was invited by MTV to perform on the Unplugged. This DVD was part of the Billboard 200 at 83rd position and was considered as the `Best Pop Album’ in Latin Billboard Award. Their tours were moved worldwide and they their record Revolución de Amor made its foray in psychedelic rock. It reached 22ndposition in The Billboard 200. Their tour dates were completely booked on the Revolución de Amor Tour and it played more than 100 shows across America and Europe.

With this success, Mana took a break and then came back with a bang for their 7th album, Amar esCombatirin 2006. It hit the 4th position in the Billboard 200 and then there was no looking back with it becoming the highest charting album to date. Their single “Labios Compartidos” was a smashing hitand was first and only entry for the Billboard 200. Its tour dates were completely sold out and had the Amar esCombatir outing played across 120 shows whole of 2008. The

Mana tour dates for 2015 is also decided now and audience across the globe are already booking tickets for the shows where are planned for the month of June and July, 2015.


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